Top Amazing Future Robotic Technology

This is your car and this is Caruso, now you are aware of everything that happens to your car even when you are not around it. Caruso is a small device that can replace any modern car alarm system. All you need to do is just leave it in the car and it will notify you via your mobile phone of any unforeseen situations that happen in its proximity. One if your car is being towed away two if your car got scratched three if your car windows got smashed. Four or even if your car accidentally rolls downhill not bad right. But that’s not all, you can also easily find your car in the parking lot.

In case you forgot where exactly you left it all this for only $79 let’s recap Caruso is five times cheaper than any modern car alarm system. it’s universal and fits any car no need to waste time on its installation and most importantly.We’re always aware where your car is if your wife is driving it and if everything is alright with her and of course your steel steed Caruso. The most clever car security system meet the world’s first kitchen care solution that combines sterilizing drying sharpening and storage. All in one beautiful piece on your countertop a brand new day. A brand new start now takes some time off and enjoy your lovely weekend day.

It’s a special occasion and you are preparing an elegant dinner for your date and for the third date in a row. your knives don’t work like they should now thank this smart knife care system with its unique user-friendly design. You’ll achieve the highest efficient knife sharpening results easily press this polish button and a hidden sharpener. Will slide out from the side of the device automatically hold the knife and let the device work its magic a power-driven sharpener which is able to polish both sides of the knife in seconds. It can also work as a one-stop household sterilizer that combines a drying and disinfects function.

This knife care system is equipped with a germicidal ozone ultraviolet lamp that emits ultraviolet radiation of a D wavelength 185 nanometer, which ionizes the o2 in the air into o3.Now you can enjoy the rest of your date and forget about the troubles in the kitchen milliner the first affordable intelligent knife care system. In the world that surpasses any of the sterilizer knife holder and electronic knife sharpener individually whether in price or user experience. Now don’t miss any happy moment and let my weiter lead you to a better and easy life according to some legends an arrow calls the world to face.

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